Membership FAQ

Why should I become a member of MTN?

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What are the costs of membership to MTN?

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What are the benefits of a Premium Membership?

You will be able to view other members, make connections and post Marketplace Opportunities.

Events FAQ

What if I can’t attend an event in person?

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What events does MTN host?

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Can MTN help me run a virtual even?

Yes we can, please contact us directly at

Do you have to be a MTN member to attend an MTN event?

Yes, all attendees need to become members and will be able to view other attendees profiles.

Opportunity Listings FAQ

What is an ‘Opportunity’ within the marketplace?

An Opportunity can be a holiday or advertising package or offer, familiarisation or press trip, news story, press realise, job advertisement and many more.

All configureable to your needs.

Members can then search for opportunities, find a partner for promotion or distribution in your target market without having to use an agency. Just connect directly and start a conversation.

How many Opportunities do I get?

By default, you do get 6 opportunity listings on the Marketplace when you buy a Premium Membership and each additional user also gets 6 listings.

Can I purchase more Opportunities?

Yes – you can purchase more opportunity listings directly on the website with instant access. You must be premium member to purchase opportunity listings.

Can Company members share Opportunities?

Yes, members can share opportunity listings between all members of a same company.