With so many questions still remaining about skiing this winter, good communication is vital to increase consumer confidence and provide clarity about resort openings and all operations for the 2020/21 season. Market research has highlighted the confusion and questions many skiers still have.

With a virtual press conference hosted on MTN, you can speak directly to the key travel and snowsports media in the UK and beyond, to communicate your key messages about this winter and answer any questions directly.

With over 80 media members on MTN and many more accessible via our partners, we can ensure your messages are heard. We’ll look after all of the technical needs to host your presentation, questions and any interactive features such as videos and quizzes.

Thanks to the MTN platform you can also offer pre-scheduled meetings via MTN, so media can book follow up meetings on MTN for one to one interviews following the conference.

Hosting a virtual press conference on MTN is available to all MTN Premium Members from just £299, including all hosting and technical set up, support, meeting scheduling and full conference recording and media member invites.

If you are a PR professional representing mountain destinations or snowsports organisations please do get in touch to discuss hosting virtual press events for your clients on MTN.

Contact us at to arrange your virtual media event.