Ski Safely is a dedicated press and media subscription service for all organisations in the winter sports industry.

A subscription to Ski Safely provides you with the opportunity to update the key UK media and consumers with your Covid-19 related measures, updates and news throughout the 2020/21 season.

Starting from October, you can submit up to 8 press releases which will be collated into news by the ‘Snowhunter’ Patrick Thorne and the team at Ski Press, and then shared directly by MTN to our extensive list of UK media.

Press release dates

Start of October
Mid /late October
Mid /late November
Early/mid December
New Year
End January
Mid February
Mid March

You can also publish each press release as an opportunity on the MTN Marketplace, where it will be available to view by tour operators and other premium MTN members.

Updates will also be published on,
a website dedicated to providing safety related information to skiers considering a ski or snowboard holiday during the 2020 Covid-19 crisis.

Ski Safely costs £350 for this winter, but MTN premium members save £100 paying just £250 for the service.

By signing up to Ski Safely you can submit all your Covid-19 news and updates to a single source, knowing they will be shared with the most important snowsports media in the UK and ensuring UK skiers and organisations remain fully up to date of safety measures and what to expect this season.

Sign up for Ski Safely here, or contact us at for with any questions