Thinking of running a virtual event? Why not use the MTN platform?!

Virtual events have exploded in popularity since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. There are so many options available to run your events it can be difficult to chose which technology is best suited to your needs.

We’re delighted to announce the Mountain Trade Network platform is now available for you to host and run your own virtual event, with full support from our experienced team.

What sort of events can run on MTN?

Virtual events can take many forms and MTN is flexible enough to host any type of virtual event:

Sales conferences – connect with your remote sales teams or retail stores via a virtual conference

Product training – deliver product training with webinars and video call meetings

Training events – deliver training to an invited audience via webinar and/or in pre-scheduled video calls

Contracting events – meet with your key partners, suppliers and distributors at your own virtual event

Whether you are a manufacturer, retail chain, hotel group, tourist board, resort or other a virtual event can really help to communicate with your staff, customers and partners during these strange times.

As well as hosting the event on the MTN platform we can help with any aspects of planning and running a virtual event, from finding speakers to planning scheduling and everything else

Key Features of the MTN Platform for Virtual Events

MTN is a bespoke platform that has been in development for over 2 years, to ensure all elements of a virtual event can be delivered in an easy to use environment.

Fully searchable event attendee profiles

Attendees can create their own profile on MTN, and use categories and tags to make their profile searchable for other attendees.

Attendees of the same company can also create a company page.

Meeting scheduler

Meetings can be scheduled in advance on MTN, and confirmations, cancellations and rescheduling can all be managed by each individual attendee. Attendees in different time zones? The system will automatically find mutually available meeting slots

Online video meetings

Once a meeting is due to start, just click the zoom link in the platform and the meeting begins in a private zoom room

Virtual event ‘booths’

The MTN Marketplace allows attendees to create virtual ‘booths’ where they can create content to explain and support their product and service. The booths are linked to your event so only accessible for your attendees, and are fully searchable too.

Webinars live and recorded

Webinars can be scheduled and run in the MTN zoom account or your own zoom account.

Full Support from the MTN Team

Our team are on hand to help you plan your event, and for support during and after the event with any technical questions.

We can also help with any aspect of planning your event, we have been running events from the mountain industry since 2012 and have a wealth of experience!

Invite MTN members to join your event

Your event can be run privately, hidden from other MTN members, or you can invite other MTN members to join your event by making it public on the platform. If you are looking to connect with many members on the MTN platform, a virtual event can be the ideal way to do it.


Contact us at or on +44 20 3920 8014 to discuss your virtual event!

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