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MTN publishes a number of landmark research papers including the bi-annual ‘State of the Snowsports Market’ in May and October which is the benchmark report for the UK industry, widely used by tour operators and suppliers to guide their strategy and cited in leading publications including the Telegraph, Times and BBC.

The data gathered for ‘State of the Snowsports Market’ can be filtered by any response within the 60+ survey. For example we can produce deep insights into those UK skiers who favour skiing in Austria, or stay in a 4 star hotel, or prefer to travel by train, or generally book 6 months before travel etc. Parameters can also be combined to look at the habits and drivers of say those who book 6 months out and stay in a 5 star hotel in France.

We can also run bespoke market research for any organisation looking to find out more about a particular market segment in advance of a new product launch or to evaluate or plan a future strategy.

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